1Alliny Gomes

This Brazilian- Goan supermodel is an avid runner and practices veganism. As a former Biology student, she is sensitive towards animals and loves how her body has reacted to plant-based diet over the years. She drinks a glass of hot water with lemon extracts, twice a day to flush out harmful bacteria and toxins and kick to start her metabolism.

2Vartika Singh

Former Femina Miss India pageant winner, Vartika Singh is a qualified nutritionist who does not believe in starving or compromising when it comes to treating her taste-buds! She loves eating junk foods like pizzas and burgers *almost* everyday! The model prefers practicing Capoeira and a few other dance forms (over gyming) to stay fit.

3Nora Fatehi

The Moroccan-Canadian dancer who has made several reality-TV appearances does not believe in following a particular fitness routine. Her advice to peeps wanting to shed a few kilos is that they should pick a physical activity – be it a sport or a dance form of their choice and stick to it.

4Kanishtha Dhankar

Former Pantaloons Miss India 2011 pageant winner, Kanishtha has featured in a series of renowned magazines, taking the Indian modeling scene by storm. Her idea of fitness is to have fun and kill no joy, no matter what! Do what you enjoy doing, only then you can successfully adapt something in your routine, she says.

5Meenakshi Rathore

The young model eats a clean and balanced diet that includes four-square meals and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, at all times. Rathore works out every day and can you on self-love.!