Tahitian Dancer’s HIPS are So Intoxicating, Didn’t BLINK Once!

https://youtu.be/pGi9gLxRRJ8 If you want to see a beautiful and sensuous dance, you may want to watch Tahitian moves. And the person who dominates this traditional...

This Couple Belly Dancing, To DDLJ’s Song Is Enthralling!

https://youtu.be/5eN7LR21onQ Just when we thought we had seen everything about DDLJ, right from its behind the scenes to the cast's interviews and its deleted scenes,...

Three Indian Girls Dance to Sia’s ‘Cheap Thrills’ at a Beach!

https://youtu.be/1NktXS1GiWU Dancers Tanya Chamoli, Mokshda, and Harshita released a video of the three of them dancing to Sia’s Cheap Thrills and it made our day....

Four Topless Women Did Bollywood Dancing At Times Square!

https://youtu.be/orZ5z_Y_cKU Times Square tourists were shocked to see four topless women breaking it down to a popular Bollywood song, dressed in body paint.

Intimate Animal Courtship, Dances Performed By Humans!

https://youtu.be/HlFpt7k1oLI When in love, everything is thrown out the window. The most confident and relaxed people suddenly blush easily, find joy in long glances at...
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