Saloni Chopra is a beautiful young woman. You may know her from her show MTV’s Girls On Top but my love affair started with her (however one-sided) began after I started following her on her Instagram account.

I've been wanting to do this from the moment I got to Phi Phi. And I finally did it today. Kayaking is extremely interesting because you see people smoothly drifting through it around you, while you struggle to go straight for just 5 seconds before your kayak is heading in another direction all over again!! The trick is to be patient, to work simultaneously with water instead of fighting it. To cut through it, but with love. And to never rush. If you cut right, your speed automatically will decrease. Unlike man made roads, that are stagnant and do not move, water is unstable, has motion, and a mind of its own. Kayaking isn't like driving a car. You are not the only one in control of the direction you're headed towards... you must remember to work with the water & not against it. Because once you're out there, in the middle of the deep blue sea - there's just you, your kayak, and the sea. You've gotta share its vibe. The whole process requires so much patience that when you finally get it right, it's just so calming & peaceful to drift your way through. If you've seen Moana, you know what I mean when I say it's like the Ocean has chosen you.
But hey, sounds exactly like life, doesn't it? You see others lives & wonder how they're smoothly sailing through it all but that's the catch - everyone's struggling, everyone's occasionally tired, some people have just figured out the trick to doing it well and made being alive their passion - and that's why they enjoy the process while others struggle and curse their way through it. But in the end - we've all got to complete the journey and make it back - it's up to you how you choose to live that journey.  
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She posts just the most beautiful photographs and shared a lot of empowering messages.

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