There are times when you end up sending a message that you later regret. The popular messaging app will soon come out with a long-awaited feature — the ability to recall sent messages.

WhatsApp has updated the beta app for iOS platform (version which will allow users to edit outgoing messages and even pull them back altogether from the recipients’ phones. And it is not just messages, attachments (such as text, image, audio or video files) will also be deleted from the recipient’s phone, if and when it is connected to the internet. The information was leaked by Twitter handle WABetaInfo, which tracks the latest changes made to WhatsApp beta builds.

The tipster also shared a couple of screenshots and a GIF video to demonstrate the working of this feature. To retract the message, you’ll have to tap on the message, which will open up a menu. Here’s you’ll have to select ‘revoke’ option, which will then retract the message. The feature was apparently disabled by default and the revocation and editing privileges are under development.